librarian_smallWhat it is to have good friends, yesterday I met up with seven friends from university to mark the 10th anniversary of getting our degrees.   Although some of us had been in touch for a while meeting at Christmas over the years. Yesterday was very special as we were joined by M who we had not seen since we graduated.   We had all lost touch with M and it was lovely to see her again she had not changed a bit and we were all soon chatting and laughing.

Nothing special perhaps a uni reunion but for us it  was an opportunity  to celebrate how hard we had all worked to get our degrees, we were all mature students and all working and it took us on average 8 years to achieve.    A great achievement well done ladies.

For all of us life had changed  some had grandchildren,  one was widowed, some  were thinking of retirement and others had achieved great promotions.   But for all of us it was an opportunity to meet up with some very special friends.

And the degree…….Librarianship and if you had seen us downing cocktails last night you would not have said librarians were quiet and boring but  we were all wearing glasses!!!!!