Rag Rugrag rug close upGranny Rose

Rag Rug

Feeling really pleased with myself as I have finished my first big project since retiring.  I have always wanted to make a rag rug since seeing a demonstration several years ago, but like always its been left.   But now I have a rag rug of my very own just in time to go in my newly decorated bedroom.


Its been lovely making the rug and has led to many conversations with my mum of 86 who remembers as a child having to cut up strips to make rag rugs, she described sitting by the fire and cutting up old grey blankets and trousers nothing like the fleece offcuts I used.    A friend also told me how she had to cut up a favourite red coat because she had grown out of it and how distressed she was that it was turned into a rag rug. 

  However, whilst Mum’s family had to make their own rag rug (which was apparently always full of dust) my Dad’s mum used to purchase a rag rug made by a neighbour every Christmas.   I wonder if this was a way of Granny supporting her friend next door they had both been munitions workers together in world war one.   But thats another story.

Its been a lovely experience making the rug and has helped me to come to terms with my ill health retirement can’t wait to start the next project.